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KIT Global’s mobile app marketing services

  • Are you in the process of developing a mobile app, or have you already released one, only to be met with a lacklustre response? Through a combination of ASO audits and insightful market research, we can help formulate a mobile app marketing plan designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Using visual and contextual analysis of your app store page, we’ll determine which aspects of your approach are working and which could do with improvement. Based on this analytical foundation, we work with you to put groundbreaking app marketing solutions in place.

  • Sign up today and benefit from the collective decades of knowledge between our experienced, dedicated professionals. With our mobile app marketing business, your app will reach new heights in the market—it’s only a matter of time!

What Is Mobile App Marketing?

These days, with an increasing number of smartphone applications flooding the market and saturating app stores, it is becoming ever more difficult for developers to get their work noticed.

  • That’s why so many people choose to bring on board experienced mobile app marketers to help.
  • App marketing services like ours use a variety of advertising strategies and app store optimisation techniques to boost your reach, ensuring that your software gets noticed by your target audience.
  • We’ll help you put in place a solid pre-launch plan for your app and, using crucial tools like social media and user reviews, will promote your mobile app and help it climb app store rankings.
  • So, how do we achieve this? What does KIT Global’s app marketing strategy look like, and how exactly do we go about boosting the marketplace rating and overall exposure of your app? Read on to find out!

Our Services

There are many different app marketing services for you to choose from, so why should you consider our company as your first choice? Well, in short, because we’ll get the job done and get it done right!

  • App

    App Store Optimisation

    App store optimisation (ASO) is all about enhancing the visibility of your mobile app within app stores, thereby boosting the number of downloads. This, in turn, will help to increase brand exposure and generate reviews and other forms of engagement.

  • ASO

    ASO Mobile App Audits

    We carry out ASO mobile app audits to assess how well your app is performing in app stores and to determine what improvements need to be made to your current strategy. Audits are carried out frequently to ensure a high level of visibility is maintained.

  • Paid

    Paid User Acquisition

    Using paid advertising to attract app users can be a helpful way of bringing in your target audience. We incorporate this service within our promotion strategy to help you reach the right people, thereby generating positive reviews to further your visibility.

Mechanics of Mobile Marketing

What exactly does mobile marketing involve? This process contains a lot of moving parts, which can be roughly broken down into app store optimisation, ASO mobile app audits, and paid user acquisition, each described below.

  • App Store Optimisation

    ASO strategies help your app perform well in app stores, boosting organic traffic and also increasing conversion and revenue rates by enhancing your visibility. Whether your software is an iPhone app or is available for Android devices via the Google Play store, we can help increase the ranking of your app by:

    • Formulating a mobile app marketing plan
    • Optimising app store visuals, including designing icons, screenshots, and graphics
    • Optimising your app’s title and description and generating reviews for your app
    • Boosting your app’s performance on the app store through an increase in downloads
  • ASO Mobile App Audit

    To find out what aspects of your ASO approach are working and which need improvement, we offer a complimentary ASO mobile application audit designed to help enhance its promotion performance. When running an ASO audit, we will:

    • Analyse your app’s title, subtitle, and description, paying attention to keyword usage
    • Analyse your app’s visuals, including icons, screenshots, and graphics
    • Analyse your app’s store ranking and app user review generation
    • Analyse current conversion rates and compare them with those of your competitors
  • Paid User Acquisition

    Paid advertising can provide a boost to the number of unique downloads your mobile app gets, as this app marketing strategy makes it easier for your software to be seen by the right people. We advertise your app via social media, search engines, web services, and ad networks, and utilise platforms like:

    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • Search Ads
    • And others

Why Choose Us?

With over 5,000 customers from all around the globe and more than two decades of experience in app marketing behind us, KIT Global has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Our skilled marketing experts have the necessary ASO knowledge to vastly increase your mobile app’s exposure and will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the help you receive from us.

  • 1

    Fully Individualised Service

    The KIT Global marketing team is composed of experienced ASO experts who understand that no one marketing campaign is the same as another. When working on your app promotion strategy, they apply a fully customised approach, ensuring that your specific needs are met.

  • 2

    Reliable App Marketing Strategies

    With our years of experience as a leading app marketing company, we know which advertising strategies are most likely to work. Through a combination of press releases, social media marketing, ASO, and more, we’ll help you boost user engagement and reach more people.

  • 3

    Stellar Service You Can Rely On

    Our marketing agency is one you can trust. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with app marketing services of the highest quality, using all the tools at our disposal to create a plan of action tackling everything from consulting and pre-launch marketing to running ASO audits.

  • 4

    Expert Marketing Services Made Affordable

    When you come to us for mobile app marketing help, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top-quality service for the best possible price. With help from our company, you can boost those all-important app KPIs and gain new users without breaking the bank in the process.

How Mobile Marketing Really Works

  • User

    User Acquisition

    The goal of app marketing is to get a mobile application to reach as many members of your target audience as possible, thereby increasing the number of downloads and active users. This is accomplished using a variety of mobile app marketing strategies and individualised advertising campaigns held across various platforms.

  • ASO

    ASO audit

    When it comes to formulating a marketing plan for your mobile application, the humble ASO audit plays a crucial role. A thorough analysis of your ASO is the best way to determine what is lacking in your current marketing solutions. It is upon such an analysis that we build our marketing strategy, taking into consideration crucial KPIs like app store rankings, user acquisition rates, and user retention rates.

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