More installs – more loan applications

We increased the number of issued loans by 88%.

The competition in the market of quick cash loans is high. The use of modern technologies of online promotion helps to achieve the growth and development of the international fintech company Robocash in these conditions. As shown in this Case study KIT Global team has almost doubled the number of installs of loan issuing app.

We looked for a solution

In order to attract users from the Philippines who are ready to get a loan using a mobile device, we choose a high capacity channel which provides high-quality traffic and has broad targeting capabilities. Facebook turned out to be the source, and Android proved to be the platform.

We got to work

The monthly work on the app promotion included the following stages:

1. Analysis of channels capacity. We estimated the possible interested audience in this geo with the necessary social demographic features.

2. Study of the user s audience and their possible interests in addition to finances . We collected different segments of the audience according to the formed hypotheses and prepared creative approaches for each of them.

3. Study of the target efficiency. We analyze the best segments by interests and prepared new hypotheses for new groups with different interests. Besides, based on the accumulated experience, we were ready to launch the LAL audience.

4. Identification of the most conversion creatives and texts with effective elements which make it possible to achieve high CTR and CR indicators.

5. Making new creatives for both wide and narrow audiences with personal offers and texts.


It is worth focusing on creatives in more detail. We tested a lot of options and selected the most effective ones. They turned out to be, for example, images of currency with a handwritten text on them.

Additionally, we devised a new brand style, having changed the logo and the corporate identity of the application to make them more suitable for the region. Now, residents of the Philippines know Robocash as DigiDo.


The campaign lasted for four months, from September to June 2021. During that time, the Kit Global team managed to improve CTR, increase conversion and attract a constant stream of audience to the application.

Results and KPI

  • Increase new installations +81%
  • Increase loan applications +91%
  • Increase new issued loans +88%