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With over 5,000 clients located all around the world and more than 20 years of experience in the industry, KIT Global is one of the top digital marketing agencies on the market. Businesses from around the globe come to us for our expertise in app store and search engine optimisation, knowing they can rely on us for advertising strategies informed by app analysis and market research.

We take a holistic approach to marketing, using a variety of different channels to advertise your app and help it perform well in the app store. Our team will formulate a pre-launch strategy for your app using a completely individualised approach, getting to know you and your expectations for us in an initial consultation. If you’re looking to find the best possible marketing agency to help your app perform well on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, look no further! Come to KIT Global today for a free AOS audit and for app marketing solutions that work.

What Is ASO?

  • App store optimisation, often referred to as ASO, is the practice of enhancing a mobile app’s visibility on an app store—for example, the Google Play store and Apple app store. ASO strategies aim to increase the application’s reach and enhance its appeal to the target audience, thereby boosting the amount of organic traffic the app receives and raising its conversion rate.
  • This practice is similar to another you may have heard of: search engine optimisation, or SEO. Just as SEO strategies aim to increase a website’s ranking on search engines, a solid ASO strategy is all about increasing the rating of a given mobile app across app stores. The higher an app appears in app store search results, the more people will discover and install it, as it will appear before other mobile apps.
  • ASO practices are many and varied, with there being many paths app developers can take to success. The next section will explore this idea further.

How Can You Grow with Our ASO Service?

When you hire our ASO service, your app is bound to be discovered and downloaded by more people, but that’s not the only way in which we can help you and your business. As well as improving search rankings and boosting downloads, our ASO services will also enhance your brand image. How do we achieve this?

  • With marketing strategies based on statistics and analysis
  • By implementing creative optimisation strategies
  • Through relevant keywords to help your app move higher in search results
  • By conducting ASO audits to maintain app visibility

Mechanics of App Store Optimisation ASO

So, what does ASO look like in practice? When you request app store optimisation services from a marketing agency like ours, what can you expect? Below, we’ve broken down what you can expect from our company when you come to us for ASO optimisation services.

  • A

    A logical ASO strategy

    To get started making an ASO plan for your app, we first have to analyse its current performance on the app store. In order to do this, we run an ASO audit, conducting visual and contextual analysis of your app’s listing to determine what changes need to be made to improve its reach.

  • Paid

    Paid acquisition

    One of the strategies we use to increase visibility is paid advertising. This can help your mobile application get noticed by more members of your target audience, resulting in a greater number of organic downloads and higher conversion rates.

  • Improved

    Improved ASO content

    We’ll analyse everything from your title and subtitle to the keywords in your description and the design of the app’s icon and graphics. Our team of ASO experts will work to make sure that this content is as relevant and attractive as possible.

Our Steps to Success

To ensure you get the results you’re looking for and to make sure your app ranks highly in the store, our team members follow five key steps for success:

  • 1

    The initial consultation.

    In this conversation, we discuss your expectations for the ASO process. We’ll ask you what you expect to gain from our services and what KPIs you hope to see improved.

  • 2

    Running the ASO audit.

    To see how your app is performing in the store, the first thing we’ll do is conduct a free ASO audit. This allows us to see what is and isn’t working in your current approach, enabling us to come up with a definitive plan.

  • 3

    Formulating a strategy.

    With the audit out of the way, we’ll put a plan in place to increase the visibility of your app, draw in new users, and generate reviews, further boosting store ranking and organic instals.

  • 4

    Putting the strategy into action.

    We’ll implement whatever changes are necessary to your app title, subtitle, and description and will use social media, search engines, and advertising platforms to further boost visibility.

  • 5

    Maintaining your app visibility.

    After implementing your custom marketing strategy, we’ll continue to run AOS audits and monitor the performance of your app in the store. If it becomes clear that more work is needed, we’ll make any changes necessary.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve prepared four reasons why you should choose us:

  • Experienced

    Experienced Specialists

    Experienced Specialists. With decades of experience behind us, and a team made up of the most dedicated marketing specialists, there’s nothing we don’t know about app marketing.

  • A

    A Holistic Approach to Marketing

    A Holistic Approach to Marketing. User experience (UX), user interface design, visual and contextual optimisation, and advertising campaigns—we have experience in all facets of ASO.

  • Affordable

    Affordable Services

    Affordable Services. We’ll improve the performance of your app on the market and help you find your target audience using a range of different methods—but we’ll do so for a price that won’t break the bank.

  • Individualised

    Individualised Marketing Strategies

    Individualised Marketing Strategies. To help your app reach its full potential, we provide you with a fully individualised marketing plan, keeping in mind the goals you hope to meet with the help of our app store optimisation services.

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