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At KIT Global, we’re determined to offer only the best services for you and your mobile application. With over two decades of experience, over five thousand clients globally, and a number of offices around the world, we are dedicated to being the best.

Want to boost your revenue? Want to increase engagement with your applications? Want to really get your name out there and establish your brand? Well, all of those are our goals too, and our experts are on hand to make your dream a reality.

From small businesses to massive corporations, we already work with some of the biggest brand names out there. Why not let us help you bring more users to your application?

Auditing of Android Applications and iOS Mobile Applications

  • With the world becoming more and more digital, it’s vital that mobile applications are consistently audited to identify what marketing strategies are working, as well as to assess mobile application security. When you hire KIT Global to assist in the ASO process, you’ll receive a free mobile app audit to aid you in the identification of bad marketing practices and to help flag up code quality, server, and data storage issues.
  • Using this data, we help our clients develop ways to improve their reach, create marketing content, and flood social media with their applications. Our security audits also help in the detection of issues that may affect performance on mobile devices. The data-driven strategies we develop in response to our tests are proven to deliver the maximum possible results for both Android and iOS apps.
  • A static analysis will give a better idea of the mobile app’s safety overall and can be reverse-engineered to understand the application better. Next comes a dynamic analysis, which explores any issues found in the static analysis. This testing will help in tailoring the support you receive from our experts, who will do their utmost to get your mobile application to the top of the leaderboard.

Reasons Why Your App Needs an App Store Audit

It’s important to remember that mobile applications will only attract new users if they rank highly in the app store. An application store audit is essential for this.

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    Data-Driven Strategies

    An ASO audit allows you to see which aspects of your ASO need the most attention, which, in turn, makes it easier to develop the data-driven strategies required to help you boost your visibility.

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    Stand Out From Other Applications

    The market is saturated with applications, and it’s essential to be visible if you want a good foundation. Ultimately, this will boost your mobile application’s chance of success in the long term.

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    Keep Up with Recent Trends

    The digital world is a constantly-shifting set of goalposts, and it’s vital that keeping up with trends and prevalent marketing strategies becomes a natural part of your business plan. Audits help with this.

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    Benefit From an Individualised Approach

    All applications are different, meaning no one strategy will work for two different apps. When we run an audit, it’s to determine what exact methods we should employ to get you results.

How Do ASO Audits Work?

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    KIT Global will first analyse your application store page. We’ll look at things like text optimisation: how’s your application description looking? What about the application title?

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    Next, we’ll check visual optimisation: is your mobile app icon up to scratch? What about the graphics and screenshots features on your store page?

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    From here, we look at ranking and review: this involves checking the metrics for your mobile application in the app stores, such as the reviews and downloads. Finally, we consider conversion: the activity leading to the user installing your app. Improving these factors will boost your overall ranking, and you can see from the case studies the success stories that have come from our customers trusting our processes to maximise results.


  • ASO costs highly depend on your specific requirements. For a quote, just get in touch, and discover what KIT Global can do for you. KIT Global currently offers a free app audit to set you on the path to success.

  • You! This is because an audit will allow you to identify ways in which you can improve the performance of your mobile app and bring in new users. Your marketing strategy won’t be anywhere near as successful if it’s developed without this data.

  • The audits can be done as often as you like; however, it highly depends on your mobile application and your industry. Carrying out regular audits should be an important part of your business model, especially if you rely on an application as part of your company and client base, as well as on website uses.

  • Audit results are used to optimise visibility and rankings, increase traffic, and improve customer retention. After an audit, you can then use KIT Global’s expertise to guide you in creating an effective strategy to move forward with.

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