Paid User Acquisition

KIT Global is a one-stop shop for all your digital needs. Whether you require marketing assistance or web design, our creatives are here to help make your dreams come true with our services. Our experts are on hand to help with anything you could possibly think of, boasting twenty years of experience coming up with groundbreaking marketing strategies.

One of our specialities in digital marketing is user acquisition. But what exactly is it, and what do paid advertising best practices look like? In a competitive world where trends are fleeting, and attention spans are shortening, it’s vital that a business gets it right and hits the mark.

Maximizing Revenue Using Paid User Acquisition

  • Paid user acquisition, or paid advertising, leans on current trends and pinpoints exactly how to market your product in a way that lets it reach its full potential, resulting in soaring revenue and an increased user base.
  • It involves paying to have your app advertised elsewhere to boost visibility and draw in new users. Examples include influencer marketing campaigns, Instagram paid ads, LinkedIn paid ads, and so on.

Paid Social Media Advertising Services

It’s safe to say we work with some pretty big names, and it literally pays to use those platforms for your marketing needs and to boost your acquisition rates.

  • Snapchat Paid Ads

    Especially popular with younger audiences, Snapchat can be used to boost acquisition rates among young people.

  • Meta Ads

    Facebook paid ads are a great source of help in and of themselves, but through Meta ads, you can also advertise on Instagram.

  • Apple Search Ads

    Utilising paid advertising through the App Store, our experienced team can help you get your iOS app noticed.

  • Google App Campaigns

    We’ll promote you across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and more, helping you achieve high conversion rates.

How We Work

By your side, we’ll help you create successful and thriving ad campaigns, driving customers in droves to your product and accelerating revenue and profit. But how?

  • 1

    Initial consultation

    We thrive on understanding you. What do you want from your business or product? We’ll set up a meeting with you to discuss your goals and tailor a custom strategy from there.

  • 2

    Technical proposal

    After this, we’ll come up with a data-driven proposal to maximise your reach to other audiences, whether through Google display, native advertising, 
Linkedin ads, or something else.

  • 3

    Strategy implemented

    Our team will work hard to put your approved plan in place, helping you get your start on the road to success.

  • 4

    Regular reviews

    We’ll look at analytics and KPIs to understand how your product is doing and where there’s room to scale up your performance. You’ll also have a Personal Customer Success Manager on hand who can answer any possible questions you may have along the way.

Why KIT Global?

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    KIT Global is a highly specialised team spread across the world, with over twenty years of experience in the industry and over thirty marketing products in its lineup. It’s safe to say we know what we’re doing when it comes to running marketing campaigns.

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    We will help guide you in a way that boosts your visibility, improves ROI, increases your customer base, and helps you feel more equipped and knowledgeable—all for a reasonable cost. Remember, we don’t just work for you; we work with you because we want to see you achieve your dream end result

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