True Balance


23,000 customers from India for a fintech application

  • Period August 2021 - April 2022
  • Traffic sources In-app
  • India
  • Android

We complied with KPI on conversion from installation to applications

Promotion of mobile fintech apps has a row of specific features. The audience of potential customers differs in their characteristics in different countries, that is why each advertising campaign becomes unique. Only the goal remains the same: to benefit the client. In this case, Kit Global helped TrueBalance attract more than 23,000 new loan applications.

About the client

TrueBalance is an app for obtaining loans and it is used by more than 75 million users all over the world. The target audience is people who do not make online payments and do not have a credit history.


First of all, customers are required to develop a fintech company. Therefore, the purpose of the advertising campaign was to increase the number of app installations by Android users from India who need cash loans and meet the criteria for approval. We chose a conversion from an installation to a loan issued of more than 1.5% as a KPI.


In-app advertising has become the TrueBalance app promotion channel. This traffic source is characterized by a huge selection of different partners and the ability to achieve large volumes while maintaining high quality. The scale can be limited only by the CPA and CPO rates.

Making creatives

Creative materials are a key element of a successful advertising campaign. In order to effectively promote the TrueBalance app, we tested various creatives and formats. Static and animated banners reflecting the key needs of a potential client showed the best results.

We launch and optimize

During the case, the campaigns lasted from August 2021 to April 2022. Before launching, we studied all the metrics of the client s mobile app. Based on the information received, we chose the optimal mobile data plans with potentially high-quality traffic.


As soon as the first installations began, we analyzed the quality of traffic in each advertising network using a system which protects against fraud and identifies non-standard users behavior. After that, we turned off those sites whose payback caused some doubts. Following the results of the test launch of the advertising campaign, we focused on the most conversion sources and formats of creatives. Besides, we developed new scaling hypotheses.


For the first three months after the launch of the advertising campaign, the number of approved loans doubled monthly. Later, the rates decreased but we did our best to maintain a large influx of new customers. According to the results of nine months of the campaign, we obtained the following picture:

Results and KPI

  • Performing KPI conversion 100%
  • Loans issued 23,000+
  • CR from registration to approved application >5%
  • CR for regular users >55%