SEO Audit Services

Why is your website not getting the organic traffic it deserves? Why are visitors not converting to buyers? We’re here to put it under review.

The KIT team will conduct a quick but thorough website SEO audit to see whether your current strategy is succeeding. No stone will be left unturned. Let’s talk about our services!

What are SEO audit services?

  • An SEO audit service inspects your website and detects problems that are holding it back in the search results. Although, it’s not only about issues. You’ll also learn what you’re doing right and what opportunities there are for you.
  • In today’s world of digital marketing, every business needs to have an online presence and appeal to search engines with SEO. Auditing takes the guesswork out of SEO. After you use these services, there will be secrecy about what’s stopping you from growing and driving more revenue.

Does my website need an SEO audit?

  • Yes! And you should look no further than KIT SEO for a website audit. An SEO audit is a powerful way to diagnose your website’s performance; otherwise, you couldn’t get the same insights.

  • The algorithms are constantly changing, your competition is getting smarter, and audiences are becoming more demanding. Your website needs an updated SEO strategy to make the best out of the search.

  • But that’s only possible if you take a deep look into the on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and other ranking factors for your website.

What are the benefits of an SEO audit?

The most significant benefit of performing an SEO audit on a website is that you finally figure it all out. You get a bird’s-eye view of areas that need improvement and practices that are wiping out all your progress, and you can pick up recommendations for the best practices. Instead of staying in the dark, you can magnify your SEO efforts and achieve:

  • Better rankings
  • More traffic
  • More leads, more sales
  • Better marketing ROI

How our SEO audit service works

Choose between two options:

  • Mini

    Mini SEO Audit

    This website SEO audit focuses on the essentials, such as competitor analysis, technical structure, and on-page SEO (specifically, keywords). The exact set of checks may vary depending on your website and the SEO-related activities you’ve already implemented. But one thing is clear: you’ll have a good enough understanding of what boosts your visibility and targeted traffic and what prevents the website from reaching its full potential.

  • Full

    Full SEO Audit

    Comprehensive SEO audits are perfect for businesses that have a lot to be checked and rectified on their website. As you can guess, they are more complicated and take more time. But the results are more than worth it. Such services look beyond essentials. You’ll uncover missed SEO opportunities in your content, page speed, backlinks, and a lot more. By the end, you have an incredibly detailed, granular profile of your website.

Our SEO Audit Process

We’ll give you insight into your website performance, as well as actionable SEO tips and best practices for any issues we find.

  • 1

    Competitor Research Audit

    We’ll track and analyse your competitors and figure out their approaches. If they’re doing something right and you’re missing out on it, we’ll take note for your website. Also, we’ll discover their weaknesses and help you gain a competitive edge in that aspect.

  • 2

    Technical Website Audit

    You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a technical SEO audit checks various technical parts of a website, would you? This step is exactly what it sounds like - a deep analysis of technical SEO parameters, like website architecture, crawling, and indexing.

  • 3

    On-Page Optimisation Audit

    On-page SEO is a crucial part of website health. We’ll study your web pages to answer important questions: whether search engines can interpret your website, how well they answer users’ intent, and what a human would see.

  • 4

    Content Quality Audit

    Content is your website’s best asset, and we’ll show you how to make it better. Let’s take a step back and assess how effective your content is for search visibility: we’ll conduct keyword research, analyse content structure, and pinpoint duplicate content.

  • 5

    Site Speed Audit

    You’ll also get a performance report on the speed of your website, which can be so frustrating for users. Our SEO auditing approach doesn’t leave mobile behind either, so we’ll evaluate how your mobile viewers are enjoying the site.

  • 6

    User Experience Audit

    At this step of the SEO audit, you’ll learn what’s causing headaches for users and preventing conversions from the usability perspective. There might be difficulties with understanding navigation or functionality or a lack of information.

  • 7

    Image and Video Optimization Audit

    To cover all bases, even those that often get overlooked, we’ll do a proper SEO analysis of your visuals. We’ll see if images have the proper format, size, and resolution and if videos have proper titles, descriptions, and thumbnails.

  • 8

    Off-Page Optimisation Audit

    Let’s end with a bang. As part of our services, we’ll view your activities outside of the website, spotting all issues along the way. Without a specialist, you could even forget about link building, citations, social media, and reviews.


  • Truth be told, there aren’t many things about your website we won’t analyse during an SEO audit. We’ll analyse your competitors (their strengths and weaknesses), technical SEO (page elements, site maps), on-page SEO (keywords, tags, URLs), off-page SEO (backlinks, guess content), speed, UX, and a lot more. The entire step-by-step process is described above.

  • Sure, there are ways to analyse your site’s structure and performance for free, like the Google search console. It can even be a decent source of insights for small businesses or start-ups. But don’t expect them to be thorough. Free tools give you one-size-fits-all answers that don’t consider the specifics of your business and industry. There is no person behind them getting into the nitty-gritty details, and you won’t get much more than keyword tracking. For comparison, KIT SEO performs an eight-step analysis with dozens of deliverables. What’s more, you all have personalised guidance on how to build and run the best SEO strategy.

  • Granting FTP access to KIT, your trusted SEO agency, allows us to access all the files on the website. No worries, we won’t push any live changes on the live website. If we’re asked only to carry out auditing services, we’re just here to look. We’ll also need the CMS/eCommerce admin login, database access, website hosting/cPanel, Google Analytics, social media accounts, and maybe other credentials, too. The more, the better because we need to see the full picture to report on it. We assure you that your login credentials will be kept safe.

  • Our SEO services investigate your link profile from all sides: natural link profile, backlink age, site-wide links, positive/negative velocity, contextual links, sponsored links, reciprocal links, 301 redirects, and user-generated content links.

  • Absolutely! The audit can be the start of our SEO journey. Our specialists know how to improve every SEO report item, from content optimisation to technical issues like speed to off-page links. Issues uncovered during the audit won’t fix themselves, so let us know if you’re ready to make some changes. We’ll come up with a custom SEO strategy, run it, and you can just enjoy watching key metrics grow.

  • A defined process to execute SEO audits and strategies, a diverse team of specialists, relevant success stories, and real customer testimonials are some of the characteristics that make a great SEO agency. KIT ticks all the boxes as one of the best digital agencies on the market.

  • Now that we’ve got the insights about your website, let’s take action, build momentum, and ensure your time and investment aren’t wasted. Our search engine optimisation services will be based on the results of the audit and prioritise practices by the level of impact. Prepare for loads of organic search traffic!

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