International SEO Services

Break down boundaries with our global SEO services and establish an online presence in various cities, states, and countries. We’ll handle the specifics while you enjoy an increase in traffic and exposure.

At the KIT SEO company, we don’t simply translate your website’s content or keywords. We research the distinct characteristics of new markets, anchor your brand as an international thought leader, and strategically expand your business overseas. Let’s figure out the best course of action for you!

What Is International SEO?

  • International SEO is a type of search engine optimisation aimed at reaching foreign markets.
  • Just like “regular SEO,” this practice helps your business become more visible on organic search. The difference is that an international SEO strategy does it on a wider scale. Rather than just focusing on your domestic market, this strategy helps to identify other countries where you could grow a loyal customer base.
  • We’ll explore cultural and linguistic ties and get inside the mind of searchers based on their location. As a result, we’ll boost your reach and brand awareness in any target country.

Global SEO Strategies

  • Relevant

    Relevant Keywords Only

    International SEO begins with one of the most fundamental SEO practices - keyword research. We’ll analyse the enormous pool of search terms and pick the best, most relevant candidates for promotion. What’s more, we’ll also pay special attention to natural language preferences and local idioms.

  • Technical

    Technical SEO

    Next, our specialist will go through the behind-the-scenes code on your website. If there is a technical issue undermining user experience or preventing you from rising in search, we’re going to find it and fix it. Appealing to bots during the crawling and indexing phase is as important as anything else.

  • Site

    Site Structure Audit

    Let’s reassess how well the structural nodes are connected to each other. Every time you add a new section or roll out a new product, it gets more complicated. So, it’s important to identify any structure weakness, be it something from the URL structure, click depth, hreflang tags, or anything else.

  • A

    A Focus on Relevant International Link Building

    With our link-building efforts, you’ll get a stream of high-quality traffic from authoritative websites. But keep in mind that with this service, we’re going international. The ability to offer great resources in your audience’s language comes as a bonus to a solid link profile.

  • Extensive

    Extensive International Competitor Analysis

    If there is someone in your target location offering similar products or services, we’ll study them under a microscope. Our company will analyse other businesses’ strengths and weaknesses with respect to the environment and use the findings to craft our own perfect campaign. With our international SEO services, these competitors will no longer feel out of reach.

  • International

    International On-Page SEO

    Our SEO specialists will finish the process by optimising page content and fixing everything from site maps to metadata. This is what makes us an all-in-one agency: we’ll write, optimise, clean up, speed up, and streamline. If you’re interested in finding new audiences, contact us for help.

Why Choose Us for Global SEO Services?

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    When you can work with an international SEO agency that is reputable, efficient, and affordable, why settle for less? KIT SEO is your one-stop solution, whether you already provide services in multiple countries and languages or are planning to expand globally.

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    We’ll make sure your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Continue working on your main line of business while we run a custom strategy for international growth.

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    With an SEO agency like ours, you’ll forget the struggle of seizing new markets. Our expert digital marketing team knows how to present your company in the best light, and we’ll do it in any language. Reach out now to reserve your business a seat at the right table!


  • It is an SEO practice aimed at international search visibility. Strategies vary by reach, but most projects involve optimising content for multiple languages or multiple locations. Just like in a standard SEO strategy, the goal is to improve the position in search engine results (primarily Google, but sometimes other platforms as well). But the international focus makes the process more complicated and layered since there are multiple geographies involved.

  • If your business ships products to different countries or provides services or digital products in different languages, your success depends on your ability to attract global audiences. You need a strategy that will determine your geographical and cultural targets and make sure your website appeals to those. As usual, with more visitors come higher sales.

  • Companies that sell products or services to audiences outside of their domestic market can all benefit from SEO strategies on a global scale. Whether there is a language or cultural distance, they can bridge the gap between you and the customer.

  • As the terms imply, local SEO means optimising your website for a limited region and geography - where the business primarily operates. Global services build an online presence targeting a wide geographical area.

  • Global SEO utilises a number of techniques joined by a shared goal of helping companies rank higher in search engines. Some of the services at KIT are keywords search, technical SEO, site structure audit, on-page SEO, international link building, and competitor analysis. If you want to learn more, reach out!

  • If you’re coming from the business side (for example, as an owner or manager), you don’t actually need to know much about executing an international SEO strategy. You just need the right SEO company to handle it for you, and the KIT agency is the target market choice.

  • Local SEO relies heavily on location-specific searching habits. The same keywords that drive people in your area to your business will not be relevant for users in other locations, especially if they’re speaking another language. So, you should use different strategies for different sections of your target audience.

  • SEO results grow over time, with the first spikes in traffic coming in 4-6 months, but it depends on multiple factors. For example, if your target market comes with low-competition keywords, you might grow much faster.

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