eCommerce SEO Services

Get your eCommerce website in front of customers searching for stores like yours. Trust us: you need specialised search engine optimization for this.

If your business is operating online, you must play by the rules of the Internet. Our SEO experts not only know these rules but also understand how to make them work in your favour. With their expertise and experience, your website will climb to that much-desired top of search results and bring you tons of customers.

What Is SEO for eCommerce? Why Is It Important for Your Business?

  • SEO for eCommerce is a subset of digital marketing that focuses on optimising online stores for better search engine visibility. Put simply, we’ll ensure your website follows all the recommended guidelines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) In return, the search engines will rank you higher than they rank your competitors. 
  • In such a competitive space, you definitely want more eyes looking at your eCommerce store. But what does “ranking higher” mean for your bottom line? A higher position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) translates to more organic traffic, more leads, and more conversions. 
  • If your rival’s website is displayed higher on SERPs, it almost guarantees that the customer will visit their store first. The second result gets half as many clicks as the first, the third one even fewer, and so on.
  • There are other methods of getting traffic; you could even drop everything and hope for the best. But nothing enhances your business’s online presence in the long term as much as SEO.

Attract New Customers Through eCommerce SEO

  • Online shopping has been on a steady rise for years because consumers no longer want to fight for a parking spot or wade through massive mall crowds. Plus, it’s available 24/7 from anywhere. Don’t miss out and capitalise on this growing customer base with the help of our eCommerce SEO experts.

  • If you’re not sure whether you need this service, here is a simple questionnaire: do you sell something online? If your answer’s yes, you need SEO, and you’re at the right place. Whatever type of eCommerce website you operate (a vendor-specific shop, a marketplace, etc.), there’s value in optimising it with us.

What Do Our eCommerce SEO Services Include?

  • Keyword

    Keyword Research & Optimization

    We’ll find and analyse queries that your target audience types into search engines. This includes short-tail keywords to cover broad topics, as well as long-tail keywords to serve searcher intent specifically. After getting insight into actual search terms that draw people in, we’ll integrate them into a larger SEO strategy.

  • Technical

    Technical SEO

    Technical aspects are some of the most important factors for search engine rankings. If algorithm bots can’t index your website, it might as well not exist. Let’s make your eCommerce store load faster. We’ll make it easier to crawl, more understandable for algorithms, and do whatever it takes to pass inspection.

  • Content

    Content Writing

    Content is another key piece of the whole SEO puzzle. SEO specialists use it to show the value of your eCommerce website. Both people and search engines prefer high-quality, useful information that is contextually relevant to your product and your broader industry; if it solicits an emotion or engagement, even better.

  • eCommerce

    eCommerce Web Design

    Poor design choices not only look bad but also tank your ranking. The KIT Global team will comb through your website, pinpointing any design flaws that are dragging you down. It might be website navigation, readability, responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, and/or other aspects - we’ll fix them anyway.

  • Email

    Email Marketing Automation

    While email marketing doesn’t seem inherently linked to search engines, it’s actually a powerful driver for off-page SEO. Our service will automate campaigns so that more people can receive emails from you, follow through with a carefully crafted call-to-action, and become part of high-quality website traffic and lead generation.

  • Walmart

    Walmart Marketplace Integration

    Looking to get SEO-friendly product listings on Walmart? That’s more than possible. Achieve near real-time synchronisation of the product information on your eCommerce platform with Walmart. This will increase your reach, making more people interested in your shop and driving even more traffic to the website.

  • Amazon

    Amazon Marketing Services

    Our SEO strategies can be applied to Amazon, too. Amazon Marketing Services, a set of advertising solutions, is exactly what you need to outpace the fierce competition in this global marketplace. We’ll strategize how to put your Amazon listings in front of prospects most effectively based on keywords, products, and interests.

  • Conversion

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Let us make sure more website visitors convert to actual buyers. Otherwise, why bother getting more visitors from search engines if you can’t transform visitor traffic into sales? Our eCommerce SEO agency will analyse why users go to your website, what they are looking for, what they like, and what issues they’re facing, and enhance their shopping experience.

Success Stories in eCommerce SEO


  • Shopify/


    Shopify is one of the biggest fully hosted, cloud-based eCommerce platforms out there, especially popular among small businesses. It offers everything you need to run an online store, including an extensive ecosystem of apps to customise your shop. This platform has already nailed most of the basic search-friendly features. But we take it a step further with a detailed checklist of the best Shopify SEO practices. If something on your website isn’t right, we’ll be on it. If you own a Shopify store, make sure that it ranks way higher than your competitors with our professional help.

  • WooCommerce/


    WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. This free plugin is incredibly easy to use, has a vibrant developer community, and helps create effortlessly beautiful storefronts. How does WooCommerce score on SEO-friendliness? Very high. The platform is great for SEO out of the box, and you can earn a decent ranking just by building on it. But there’s no limit to perfection, so we’ll further improve WooCommerce product SEO with the WordPress settings.

  • Magento/


    Magento is a programmer-focused eCommerce platform operating on open-source technology. It is aimed at larger enterprise-level businesses, with the most notable clients like Nike and Samsung. Online stores built on Magento are also pretty SEO-friendly by default. But if you do nothing, your search presence will be the same as any competing store at best. We are ready to push your online store’s traffic results further by adopting the best SEO practices for Magneto-built eCommerce platforms based on our proprietary procedures and extensive experience.

eCommerce SEO Experts Across All Platforms

  • Did you build the website on BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, NetSuite, Webflow, or some niche website builder? At KIT SEO, it doesn’t matter where you sell your products. If your business is eCommerce, we’re always here to boost your search visibility and bring new audiences to the store.
  • Let us know what your chosen shopping platform is, and we’ll come up with expert SEO recommendations and a detailed action plan to raise it above the competition.


  • We cover all the SEO essentials: keyword research and optimization, technical SEO, content writing, link-building, and web design. On top of it, the service includes email marketing automation, Walmart marketplace integration, Amazon marketing services, and conversion rate optimization. This is just the basic outline, so let’s discuss your custom eCommerce SEO strategy. 

  • Each SEO company prices its packages differently. Scroll up to see the available packages at KIT SEO.

  • Any eCommerce SEO strategy is a slow-burning process, but it pays off in the long run. Expect the first results in a few months, but it can take up to a year for SEO to take full effect.

  • Most eCommerce businesses don’t have the staff to handle their online presence. But since it’s an essential part of growing as a company, you need an SEO expert to create and run your campaign. Even if you’re doing fine in search results now, you need a team of specialists to help you maintain good rankings and eventually take your website to new heights. 

  • The process of optimising an eCommerce product page follows a familiar structure, which focuses on keywords, technical audits, creating unique meta tags, high-quality video and imagery, and a few other aspects. But your products may require a tailored SEO approach, so let’s see.

  • On average, it takes 3-9 months for an eCommerce website to find its place on the first page of search results (assuming you follow an effective optimization strategy and eliminate all the bugs and issues). Bear in mind that the SEO time horizon depends on your industry and the competition for key queries.

  • No reputable provider can guarantee rankings on search engines of any kind. In fact, Google even warns against companies that claim to guarantee rankings. That said, we have a great track record of helping clients through experience and research. Check out the notable success stories above. 

  • Launching an SEO campaign implies that you’ll need to optimise your site, at least some aspects of it. It doesn’t have to be a complete redesign. The project may involve adding keywords, optimising meta tags, building links, publishing new content, and other things like that. But we’ll determine the full scope of the work after a consultation.

  • eCommerce websites generally have more pages than other site types. Making sure all those pages rank high in search engine results is a more challenging task. You should also consider two levels of optimization - one is for the page itself (which follows the standard rules of web SEO) and one for product description (which has eCommerce-specific rules).

  • eCommerce SEO helps you connect with people who are actively looking for products like yours, i.e., potential customers. In addition to increasing organic website traffic, SEO boosts brand awareness and visibility, customer experience, and customer trust.

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