Kings Rental Cars


Kings Rental Cars is a premium car rental service in Dubai with 77 luxury cars

  • Period 3+ years
  • Traffic sources Google
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Mobile
  • Browser

Case Profile

The client began their journey with in February 2020, just when they started doing business. That February, the website received a modest 361 clicks from search traffic.

The website was built using Tilda, a platform known for its complexities when it comes to internal optimisation. There was no one on the client’s side available to implement the changes necessary, so our webmasters took on that responsibility.

The website offers two versions: one in Russian at and another in English at We are focusing our efforts on promoting the Russian-language version in Moscow.

Goal: Increase Enquiries from the Site

About the Client

Kings Rental Cars is a high-end car rental service operating in Moscow and Dubai. Its fleet boasts 77 luxury vehicles with a combined value exceeding $10 million. With six years of experience in the Dubai market, the company has achieved major milestones, yet its aspirations remain even more ambitious.


After assessing the project, we decided to start by addressing fundamental SEO metrics:

1. Rankings on Yandex and Google search engines

2. Boosting search traffic to the website

Achievements and Indicators

The growth was partially influenced by global and national events, as an outflow of people from Russia began after February 24, with Dubai becoming a preferred destination for many affluent individuals.

At the same time, had we not managed to improve the website promptly and elevate it to the absolute top of Google, the outcomes might have been different.

By collaborating closely with the client and sharing common objectives, we achieved significant improvements:

1. We propelled the site into the top 10 sites on Google for 100% of the queries.

2. The overall search traffic surged by 25-fold.

3. The number of enquiries from the site skyrocketed by 25.5 times.


Results and KPI

  • Search traffic x25
  • New requests x27