A Remarkable Surge in Applications – the Sky’s the Limit!

  • Period 5 years
  • Traffic sources Google
  • Mobile
  • Browser

Case Profile has been in partnership with us since November 2018. In 2021, our client showed a proactive approach to collaboration and achieving outstanding outcomes. KIT Global is always prepared, and when the client is equally committed, remarkable results follow – and, spoiler alert, the same held true this time.

Goal: Increasing the number of enquiries

About the Client

The company offers a comprehensive service for submitting electronic reports and operates as an authorised dealer of


We recognised that two key factors contributed to the growth of applications: an uptick in visitor numbers and the site’s user-friendliness. Then, we divided our tasks into three main groups:

1. Modernising the outdated design

2. Expanding the website’s structure

3. Addressing commercial factors on the site

Achievements and Indicators

Recent developments in Russia and worldwide have provided a boost to the project, as numerous organisations have shifted towards electronic document management and digital signatures. We prepared and ensured a notable surge in both traffic and applications, which allowed our client to establish a strong presence in its niche.

Perhaps the slogan for this case could be “hard work pays off.”

The client is now entirely satisfied with the outcomes, and together, we are striving to reach new heights.

Results and KPI

  • Increase in search traffic x3
  • Increase in enquiries +4084%
Traffic graph
Visits January 2020 March 2021 December 2021 April 2022 September 2022
Google 2 485 3 365 5 981 9 712 10 352
Other 118 117 133 188 524
Total 2 603 3 482 6 114 9 900 10 876