International logistics company


Company with representative offices around the world, warehouses, own transport park for delivery

  • Period 3+ years
  • Traffic sources Google
  • Mobile
  • Browser

We doubled the search traffic for a delivery service, enhancing the website’s visibility

This is an NDA case for a courier delivery service. Our client is an international logistics company with over 6,000 active branches. We’ll explain how KIT Global promoted regional pages of the website and managed to double targeted traffic from organic search results during the pandemic.

Case Profile

The client sought our SEO services once more, having already achieved top 3 search results for key queries. This time, the goal was to enhance the share of traffic from search platforms in regions where the courier service had a presence.

The main challenge in this project was the intense competition within the niche. To improve visibility, we had to optimise the site for a wide array of queries from the semantic core across all regions of the country, which required a substantial amount of work.

Goal: Increase the Website’s Visibility Across All Regions of the Company’s Presence


1. Achieve a top 3 search result ranking for key queries

2. Enhance the site’s presence in regional search results

3. Boost organic traffic in regions where the brand operates

Achievements and Indicators

Our comprehensive efforts resulted in improved rankings for regional queries. Reaching the top spot boosted visibility in local search results and instantly doubled site visits after optimisation.

Growth Trends in Website Traffic

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Our promotional efforts boosted the portion of traffic originating from Google search results. The website became more visible in different regions and attracted more clients from smaller towns. Surprisingly, the share of targeted traffic from these regions doubled despite a market downturn due to the 2021 pandemic.

Results and KPI

  • Search traffic x2.2
Google positions
Query Position
Courier delivery 5
Express delivery 3
Courier delivery in the city 6
Courier delivery within the city 6
City delivery 4
Country delivery 1
Document delivery 1