Gynaecological Centre


Achieving a 65x Increase in Monthly Google Traffic Through EEAT Optimisation

  • Period 2 years
  • Traffic sources Google
  • Mobile
  • Browser

Our Client is an NDA private clinic with its own dedicated research centre specialising in reproductive health issues. Our long-standing partnership with the company has involved extensive SEO and technical enhancements to the website. In this case study, we focus on the development of EAT and commercial factors from January 2020 to September 2021.

Case Profile

Private clinic websites fall under the YMYL category, where both commercial and EEAT factors vastly influence rankings. These factors are qualitative and rely on assessments from evaluators, which makes site optimisation more challenging.

During the initial audit, the site had minimal traffic, around 4,000 to 5,000 users per month. The development of EEAT and commercial factors marked the turning point in increasing the site’s popularity and growing the share of targeted traffic from Google search results.

One major challenge in this project was the numerous aggregators in search results, which intensified the competition. To achieve a top position and secure stable traffic, it was crucial to offer site users functionality and usability on par with larger specialised resources and aggregators.

Goal: Optimise the Website by Considering Both Commercial and EEAT Ranking Factors


Commercial and EAT factors aren’t measured quantitatively. Instead, they represent a holistic gauge of a site’s quality for users. These factors are evaluated by assessors, so it’s important to comprehensively assess the entire site and address any missing factors.

Optimisation task plan:

1. Technical and commercial audit

2. Fundamental optimisation and bug fixes

3. Enhancing commercial factors

4. Adapting the website for EEAT factors

Achievements and Indicators

Optimising the site, taking into account both commercial and EEAT factors, had a remarkable impact on performance - monthly visits from Google surged by 65 times.

It’s essential to note that the clinic specialises exclusively in gynaecology and reproductive health services, with no connection to PCR or rapid COVID-19 testing. The significant traffic increase, both before and after optimisation, highlights the importance of commercial and EAT factors in ranking medical websites.

Monthly Visit Trends 

The delays caused by the extended feedback loop did slow us down, but when we finally had all the necessary data and approvals, we made a major leap in progress.

Shift in Search Traffic Share

Over the course of our cooperation, the share of search traffic surged from 78% to 93.6%, signifying that nearly all site visitors originate from search engines.

Results and KPI

  • Search visits x65
Shift in Search Traffic Share
January 2020 September 2021
Organic search 74.5% 93.6%
Organic search 16.5% 5.06%
Other channels 9% 1.34%