Branch of Medical clinics


Traffic and leads

  • Period 5 years
  • Traffic sources Google
  • Mobile
  • Browser

Case Profile

A brief background on the NDA client: a Branch of Medical clinics, located in CIS Region, was established in 2002 with the primary mission to offer continuous client care through family medicine. KIT Global started working with them on March 1, 2019, and over the course of our two-year collaboration, we developed a strong, trusting, and respectful relationship, naturally contributing to the positive results achieved.

Goal: Boost the Website’s Traffic


To achieve our objective, we established three key tasks. Spoiler alert: these tasks proved to be quite manageable, and we exceeded expectations:

1. Triple the website’s traffic

2. Boost lead generation by 2.5 times

3. Outsource search engine promotion to ease the workload of the marketing department


Approach #1

Site structure. Expanding content pages within the Services and Useful Information sections.

Approach #2

Content authority. Creating articles authored by the clinic’s doctors to achieve high ratings from search engine evaluators.

Approach #3

Site pages. Optimising the commercial appeal and user-friendliness of the webpages.

Achievements and Indicators

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve not only met but surpassed all expectations - both in terms of website traffic and conversions. Now, let’s take a look at how our planned metrics stack up against our actual results. What do you think?

And also…

Working alongside our colleagues from the Client`s side, we have fully refined the process of optimising, developing, and implementing recommendations. This, in turn, serves as a reliable foundation for the ongoing progress of the project!

Results and KPI

  • Search traffic x4.2
  • Search leads x4.2
Traffic and conversion graph
Traffic Conversions
Wanted x 3 x 2,5
Achieved x 4,2 x 4,2